Flashbacks in the final episode of “Breaking Bad”

Please note: if you have clicked on this, it is assumed you have seen the the final episode of Breaking Bad. My rule is 72 hours for spoilers, it’s now Thursday, so fair game….

walt say my name

Breaking Bad has finally aired their final episode “Felina”. Throw a rock at the internet and you’ll find re-caps, dissections, criticisms and theories of the both the last episode and the series as whole. The general consensus is mostly positive, especially in light of the Dexter finale, which was received negatively (and rightly so) the week before.

Dexter beard finaleHe’s a lumberjack and that’s not okay


So here’s my only beef with the last episode of Breaking Bad. It’s the one flashback sequence they inserted into the scene after Walt has retrieved the ricin from his abandoned house. The brief scene is from the first episode where Hank suggests Walt rides along when he does his next meth bust to “add some excitement to his life”.  This flashback scene, to me, seemed completely out of place. This series was great in its story telling that it never spoon fed its audience information or plot points. Earlier in the season (s05e11 “Confessions”) we had Jesse make the leap with the cigarette and the ricin without flashing back  to spell it out. The scene sparked a lot of debate as it’s not straight forward as to what Jesse has figured. Of course in the next episode he confronts Saul and reveals that he know that Walt lifted the ricin cigarette, because Saul had his bodyguard lift Jesse’s weed in the previous scene. A lesser show would have gone the flash back route. So the Hank flashback scene sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise perfect episode.

However, if you’re going to go the route of The Wire and infuse every scene of your felina with a flashback to show the audience how we got here, then it needs to be taken to its logical conclusion.

So here’s how I would have re-cut the final Walt/Skylar scene:

It’s obvious now why Vince Gilligan is a genius, and I’m an idiot.


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